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Decree No. 9,148/2017 Maintains the 2% rate of REINTEGRA, for the year 2018

Decree nº 8.415/2015, as is known, regulates the application of the Special Regime for Reintegration of Tax Amounts for Exporting Companies – Reintegra.


According to the aforementioned decree, exporting companies can partially or fully recover the tax residue remaining in the production chain of exported goods.


Under the terms of article 2 of the aforementioned decree, the calculation of the credit was made by applying a percentage of up to 3% (three percent) on the revenue earned from exports.


The original wording provided that, in 2017, the credit percentage would be 2% (two percent) and, as of January 1, 2018, this percentage would be increased to 3% (three percent).


However, it was published in the Official Gazette that circulated on 29.8.2017, Decree No. 9.148/2017 that amended art. 2, §7, III, keeping the credit percentage at just 2% for the year 2018.


This change was announced as part of the Federal Government's package of measures to avoid raising the fiscal deficit target.

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