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Trademarks, patents, know-how, software, copyright, digital content, contracts involving intellectual property. Our performance is complete and focused on the client's business and its market.  


We focus on creating effective strategies that make our clients' assets increasingly valuable. We go far beyond problem solving, we understand the interests and anticipate the needs of our customers.

Our performance comprises:


  • Assistance in all procedures for the protection of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, software, copyrights, among other intellectual property assets, as well as all their monitoring, in Brazil and abroad;

  • Assistance in all administrative procedures for infringement of intellectual property rights;

  • Assistance in all civil and/or criminal proceedings for infringement of intellectual property rights

  • Elaboration and negotiation of license agreements and assignment of intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, technology transfer, provision of technical services, confidentiality terms, technological cooperation and joint development, technology research and development, franchising, software , image use, content use license, terms of use, co-branding, among others;

  • Negotiation and procedures for issuing NFTs and projects involving metaverses;

  • Due diligence specialized in the area of Intellectual Property;

  • Expertise in all tax aspects related to intellectual property and innovation, including those related to the Lei do Bem;

  • Support in creating and protecting disruptive businesses, including negotiating and establishing partnerships, implementing business stages, as well as curating strategic partners.

  • Elaboration and conduction of specialized training on: techniques and strategies for licensing and negotiation of intellectual property assets, organization and management of intellectual property portfolios, implementation of new technologies and platforms, among others.

  • Review of advertising campaigns based on the legislation and ethical norms of the sector, including the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Code (CONAR) and norms of the Executive Council of Standard Norms – CENP;

  • Advice and legal strategy for the implementation of commercial promotions, including analysis of advertisements, elaboration of regulations and conduction of administrative processes to obtain authorization from public authorities.

  • Representation in administrative proceedings before CONAR and in legal disputes.

  • We have a hub of specialized partner offices abroad to protect and monitor intellectual property rights in other countries around the world, based on local practice.

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