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We represent our clients, whether individuals or legal entities, national or foreign, in highly complex claims with significant economic value, related to civil law, such as civil liability, whether of the supplier, manufacturer or service provider; succession, will, inventories and estate planning; legal business and fulfillment of obligations; contracts and titles of credit and possession and property.


We have a team specialized in mass litigation, serving clients in the telecommunications, banking and health insurance sectors, in addition to extrajudicial operations in credit recovery.

The objective of the Azulay Advogados office is to bring a new concept of law to mass demands, focused on combative action and individually directed towards each legal demand, which becomes feasible through the use of technology developed specifically for this purpose.

Thus, it has customized solutions for each client, implemented through its own workflow system; automation of most tasks, thus eliminating errors and increasing productivity; reports with indicative percentages of success; follow-up of each legal process by a responsible lawyer from start to finish, in an artisanal way, whether in the analysis of the case, preparation of procedural documents, holding of hearings, or by dispatching memorials with magistrates or through oral support before the Civil Chambers or Appellate Panels.

In addition, the office has a preventive monitoring service for legal claims, which allows the adoption of measures, including with a view to amicable settlement, even before the citation.


The office has extensive experience in highly complex lawsuits involving the most varied subjects, bringing together a team of professionals with extensive professional experience, able to offer its clients the best conditions in the defense of their interests.


The office also provides its clients with preventive and extrajudicial legal consulting services, through notifications, preparation and review of contracts, documents, negotiations involving legal transactions and the elaboration of terms of agreement.

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